How to link a file

How to link a file


A form or a questionnaire on your web site

With a form on your website, your visitors can:

  • Contact you and send you information,
  • Send you their orders or booking requests, etc.


The contact page of your website is a form

Adding a Contact Page on your website is the easiest way to enable incoming communication from your visitors.


You can customize the contact page according to your needs

To get specific information from your visitors, you can add a block of text to the form page, and explain to your visitors the details of the information you would like them to provide.
Note: To move this block of text above the form, use the Move Mode.

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Google Forms

Google Forms are part of Google Docs free office suite. With a Google form, you can easily design a web form, put it online, then collect data in a spreadsheet. The form and the spreadsheet are stored in your Google Drive.
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Managing appointments and bookings

Some specialized services integrate a calendar with a form, which can be a powerful solution for managing availabilities and vacancies.

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