How to link a file

How to link a file


How to use Dropbox to store your documents

With Dropbox, you can use host your files and documents online, and then link them from your SimpleDifferent site.

1. Put your file on Dropbox

Dropbox is available on the web at, but it is more convenient to use the free app for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac.

Once you have installed this app., with an Android device or a computer, you can use the File Explorer to move your files onto your Dropbox. With an iOS device, explore the menus "Share" or "Export" of the application you are using to edit your document, and check that Dropbox is supported.

2. Get and copy the share link

3. Paste the link in the text editor of your website

For the last step, just go back to the SimpleDifferent text editor, create an external link, then paste the link in the URL field.
Note: The address starts with

Once you have published your site, the link will give access to your file on Dropbox. Your visitors will then be able to download it, and probably to view it online as well.